Rechargeable Hearing Aids

At Glendora Hearing Aids & Audiology, we are excited to offer our patients rechargeable hearing aids from the leading hearing aid manufacturers. Most people would agree that rechargeable batteries are a wonderful invention. Now that same technology is available for your hearing aid batteries as well! This is going to be far more convenient for you, better for the environment and offer more reliable power for your hearing aids. An easy overnight charge gives you full power for the day without the hassle of handling batteries.

Have you been considering a wireless hearing aid? See below how rechargeable batteries might be just what you’ve been looking for.


What are the benefits?

More reassuring: Charging your rechargeable hearing aids overnight quickly becomes a routine. The charger gives them an overnight “home” so you always remember where they are, and you can count on a full charge in the morning, so you are ready for your day.

More convenient: There’s no need to replace batteries every few days. You don’t even have to open the battery drawer.

More efficient: Save the time, money and environmental impact of buying hundreds of batteries every year.