Rechargeable Hearing Aids

At Glendora Hearing Aids & Audiology, we are excited to offer our patients rechargeable hearing aids from the leading hearing aid manufacturers.

Most people would agree that rechargeable batteries are a wonderful invention. Now that same technology is available for your hearing aid batteries as well! This is going to be far more convenient for you, better for the environment and offer more reliable power. An easy overnight charge gives you full power for the day without the hassle of handling batteries.

What are the benefits of rechargeable hearing aids?

  • More Reassuring

    Charging your rechargeable hearing aids overnight quickly becomes a routine. The charger gives them an overnight “home” so you always remember where they are, and you can count on a full charge in the morning, so you are ready for your day.

  • More Convenient

    There’s no need to replace batteries every few days. You don’t even have to open the battery drawer.

  • More Efficient

    Save the time, money and environmental impact of buying hundreds of batteries every year.


We offer hearing aids from leading global manufacturers. Among these, the following offer rechargeable hearing solutions.


Phonak Audeo B-R

Phonak B-R uses the Belong Processing Platform to provide wearers with clear sound. Belong analyzes and balances sounds at a fast pace, while using 30% less battery power.

On a simple overnight charge, the Audeo B-R offers up to 24 hours of listening. Rechargeable hearing aids from Phonak utilize lithium-ion battery technology, which means wearers do not need to replace the batteries for the life of the hearing aid.



EVOKE is now available as a rechargeable hearing aid, using ZPower technology. ZPower uses silver-zine batteries, the world’s highest energy rechargeable Microbattery, holding more power than any other battery of its size. For people on the move, ZPower is an excellent option, taking only 3-4 hours to fully charge. If you should run out of juice with your ZPower batteries, you can swap out the rechargeable battery for a normal zinc-air battery while you wait.


Siemens eCharger

The eCharger serves two functions for rechargeable Siemens hearing aids

  • It charges up your aids overnight (6 hours) so they’re fully powered in the morning
  • It dehumidifies to ensure that any moisture build-up during the day is eliminated.

Siemens’ eCharger is compatible with the following haring aid models: Pure (receiver-in-canal), Motion (behind-the-ear), and Carat (receiver-in-canal). Siemens eCharger batteries require change once a year.

Oticon Rechargeable Hearing Aids

The OPN mini-receiver-in-the-ear model is a fully rechargeable hearing aid, requiring a simple overnight charge for a full day of power. With a built-in battery that lasts the life of the hearing aid, OPN eliminates the need for replaceable batteries, saving both money and the environment. Should you forget to charge your OPN aids overnight, you can replace your battery with traditional disposable batteries in a pinch.


Starkey VFusion Rechargeable Battery

Starkey’s VFusion Rechargeable Battery System uses special Starkey batteries, which are easily charged through a USB-compatible charger. With this system, you can charge your batteries on any device that takes USB, or in a USB-compatible power charger. The VFusion Rechargeable Battery System requires replacement batteries once a year – greatly cutting back your battery consumption.


Signia Styletto

Styletto comes in a small, portable recharging case for easy handling and long wearing time. Patients enjoy a full-day of hearing aid use provided by our pin-shaped lithium-ion batteries. The intuitive Styletto charger offers, 19 hours daily use, 3 hour full charge, 30 minute fast charge and 3 full charges on the go.

Unitron Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Unitron now offers rechargeable solutions in three models: Stride M R, Moxi Fit R, and the brand-new Moxi All R. With a simple overnight charge in the Unitron recharging station, wake up to a full day of listening with your hearing aids.


Starkey Muse iQ

Starkey’s Muse iQ rechargeable hearing aid lasts 20 percent longer than other systems, are 30 percent smaller and are 100 percent easy to use. Plus, with the industry’s longest lasting charge, your hearing aids will always be ready to go.


LiNX Quattro

With its small, discreet size and long-lasting battery, you get power that lasts more than a full day – without having to fiddle with any batteries. If you do forget to charge, the portable case’s built in battery holds three full charges of power, giving you the freedom to charge anywhere.

Keep track of your battery power.
You can monitor the battery status in the ReSound Smart 3D app and get a notification when the battery is running low. While charging, the app will track the progress to let you know when they are ready for use.

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