Hearing Aid Repair

Dr. Ivory is trained to provide hearing aid repair services and professional cleaning for most makes and models. If your hearing aid isn't working as it should, we invite you to schedule an appointment today.

Hearing Aid Repair Services by Dr. Kevin Ivory

Though they are powerful and can change your life, hearing aids are sensitive, electronic devices. As they are worn daily, hearing aids are subject to normal wear and tear. While you may take daily steps to care for your hearing aids at home, we recommend that you bring your hearing aids in for repair if they should malfunction. Dr. Ivory is trained to provide repair services and professional cleaning for your hearing aids. Dr. Ivory will also recommend a regular cleaning schedule, depending on your lifestyle and activities.

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Dr. Ivory can can help you:

  • Clean and make minor repairs to your hearing aids
  • Send your hearing aids in to the manufacturer for more major repairs
  • Evaluate your aids’ electronic function through electroacoustic analysis testing
  • Ensure you are getting maximum benefit from your aids by performing real ear speech mapping verification testing (in order for this test to be accurate, please provide Dr. Ivory with a hearing test performed in the past one year or schedule an updated hearing test with this appointment)
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At Glendora Hearing Aids & Audiology, you can expect the highest quality audiological care available. Our services include hearing testing, hearing aid fittings, tinnitus management, custom earmolds and more. Dr. Ivory also offers in-home and concierge audiology service options for your convenience.
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