Comprehensive Audiological Services

Welcome to Glendora Hearing Aids & Audiology, a locally owned audiology practice dedicated to providing the highest quality care to the residents of Glendora and surrounding areas. Our audiologist, Dr. Kevin Ivory, offers a wide range of services including hearing testing, hearing aid fittings/programming, tinnitus management, hearing aid maintenance, custom hearing protection, assistive listening devices and more. If you or someone you love is experiencing signs of hearing loss, we invite you to contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Hearing Testing

Hearing exams are an important part of maintaining good hearing health – and good overall health. It is recommended that adults take an annual hearing exam, just as you would a physical or eye exam. At Glendora, we offer comprehensive hearing exams to assess your hearing abilities. Hearing exams consist of a consultation, physical examination, and a series of tests that include pure tone assessment and speech recognition. These tests indicate your hearing abilities by ear. The results of your test are recorded on an audiogram, which will indicate the configuration and degree of hearing loss if it is present. Our audiologists will review your hearing exam results with you and recommend next steps if a hearing loss is found.

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Hearing Aid Repair

Though they are powerful and can change your life, hearing aids are sensitive, electronic devices. As they are worn daily, hearing aids are subject to normal wear and tear. While you may take daily steps to care for your device at home, we recommend that you bring your hearing aids in for repair if they should malfunction. The Audiologists at Glendora are trained to provide repair services and professional cleaning for your hearing aids. Our staff will also recommend a regular cleaning schedule, depending on your lifestyle and activities.


Tinnitus, known commonly as “ringing of the ear,” is a condition in which one hears noises without the presence of an external stimulus. Tinnitus appears in 80% of hearing loss cases, with a number of potential causes. Tinnitus is believed to be caused by damage to inner ear hair cells, a cause which is shared with sensorineural hearing loss. If you are experiencing tinnitus, whether temporary or chronic, schedule a visit with us at Glendora. Tinnitus is commonly treated with the use of sound masking, available on hearing aid tinnitus therapy features. Hearing aid manufacturers also offer standalone devices to generate sound masking for tinnitus.

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VA Services

Approximately 80% of veterans returning from combat zones in Iraq and Afghanistan experience some degree of hearing loss and/or tinnitus. Research in hearing and audiology grew into a larger field following World War II, when veterans experienced hearing loss in large numbers. At Glendora, we are grateful for the services our service men and women provide to the country. We offer VA services to assist veterans in their hearing needs and to determine the best treatment for them.

Custom Hearing Protection

Hearing loss is permanent – which is why it is crucial to protect your hearing while you’ve got it! At Glendora, we offer many different options for custom hearing protection. Custom hearing protection ranges from earplugs made of molds of your ear to in-ear musician monitors. We offer protection for different lines of work, where exposure to loud noise on a regular basis poses a real threat to your hearing. Contact us to discuss the different options we have.

Assistive Listening Devices

For those who need an extra boost, we offer different assistive listening devices (ALDs) to amplify sound and speech. ALDs include infrared or FM personal devices which pick up sound, amplify it, and transmit it to a device worn around the neck. ALDs may be used in conjunction with hearing aids, or for people who do not use hearing aids, they may be helpful in particularly challenging situations. If you feel like you need extra amplification, contact our practice for more detail on our ALD offerings.

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