Oticon Opn S™

Oticon Opn S™ hearing aids help you enjoy speech understanding on par with normal hearing and join the conversation in difficult listening environments.

About the

Opn S™

The OPN S is the latest release from Oticon. This new hearing aid takes all the exciting features of the award-winning OPN hearing aid to a whole new level. The latest research shows that the OPN S can approximate normal hearing in noisy environments.

This hearing aid comes with the updated OpenSound Navigator, providing a balanced and natural soundscape. This allows your brain to change between sound sources and focus on what’s important – whether it be music or multiple speakers. The OPN devices scan the listening environment at more than 100 times per second to isolate speech from the background noise. The speech sound is then analyzed and processed, sending the most important characteristics fed to your brain, giving you clear and balanced sound. This amazing technology helps reduce excessive background noise, even removing noise in between spoken words. These hearing aids still utilize Oticon’s BrainHearing technology to reduce listening effort, improve auditory memory, and improve speech understanding in difficult listening environments.

Thanks to sophisticated sound processing capacities, voice perception has been rated on par with normal hearing for Opn S wearers, even in challenging listening environments such as loud restaurants and group socials.

For those particularly challenging sound environments where you need a little more help, Oticon has also introduced OpenSound Booster. OpenSound Booster enables Opn S wearers to further decrease non-speech sound sources and background noise whenever they want, which helps them to focus better on the person they want to talk to.

Some of the research Oticon has done shows the OPN S outperforms the predecessor OPN in a number of ways:

  • 15% improvement in speech understanding versus Opn.
  • 10% reduction in listening effort versus Opn.
  • 10% increase in memory recall versus Opn.

Features of the Opn include: 

  • Wireless Connectivity
  • Rechargeability
  • 360⁰ Sound Experience
  • Feedback Cancellation
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