Phonak Audéo Marvel

Stream audio to and from any Bluetooth device, and stream audio to both ears in high-fidelity stereo.

About the

Audéo Marvel

The Phonak Audéo M Marvel was released to much fanfare late in 2018 due to its universal binaural connectivity. Before Marvel, hearing aids typically streamed binaurally from Android or Apple’s iOS - but not both. Some had to use an additional accessory to get the sound from Android phones to the hearing aids.

When Phonak introduced this hearing device, many considered it the first all-in-one device because it finally solved the compatibility issues with other models. Phonak described it as ‘love at first sound’ and so far the user feedback has been overall positive. In addition to the phone streaming, it also had rechargeability using the longer-lasting lithium-ion battery technology. 

The myPhonak app enables wearers to have their hearing aids calibrated by a hearing care professional anytime, anywhere via a video chat.

Features of Phonak Marvel:

  • Stereo bluetooth streaming
  • Moisture resistance
  • Rechargeability
  • Roger Direct compatibility
  • MyPhonak app compatibility
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