ReSound One

Resound One is an innovative new hearing aid with an additional microphone placed into the ear canal.

About the


Resound has long been known for innovation in the hearing industry and the One is no exception. What makes this hearing aid so unique is that it includes an extra microphone placed in the ear canal. Most receiver-in-canal hearing aids have their microphones on the outside, located behind the ear.

The Resound One devices have their standard microphones on the outside, but now have the additional one in the ear. This microphone helps Resound to measure the changes in the ear canal caused by each person's unique ear canal anatomy. The are calling this model a M&RIE, which stands for microphone and receiver-in-the-ear. The benefits of this new technology include better hearing in noise, a better sounding voice and improved overall sound quality.

Some other features of the Resound One are:

  • Rechargeability with portal charging bank
  • Direct connectivity with iPhone and Android phones
  • Moisture protection
  • Tinnitus features
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