Starkey Livio Edge AI

The Livio Edge AI uses sensors and artificial intelligence to take hearing and health care management to a whole new level.

About the

Livio Edge AI

The Starkey Livio Edge AI was introduced in March of 2020. Livio Edge AI hearing aids feature Starkey’s latest technology based on their Thrive platform. The Livio Edge AI includes all the features of the Livio and then uses sensors and artificial intelligence to take hearing and health care management to a whole new level. With the new Livio Edge AI you can:

  • Hear speech comfortably even in busy settings while unwanted noise is suppressed.
  • Get superior sound quality, clarity, more natural hearing and effortless transitions.
  • Stream crisp, clear phone calls and experience music the way it was meant to be heard.
  • Connect via Bluetooth® with accessories and select smartphones.*

*Remote Microphone + is required for certain Android devices

All of the Livio models are compatible with wireless accessories, like TV audio streamers and a remote microphone. They also have NFMi (near field magnetic induction)  and 2.4GHz Bluetooth connectivity. Starkey studies suggest these features allow users to perform better in a dynamic real-world environment by up to 50%.

The Thrive Hearing Control app works seamlessly with Livio Edge AI to give you control of your hearing aids. The Thrive app allows the user to truly customize and personalize their listening experience with advanced features .  The Livio and Livio AI can stream audio and phone calls from smartphones and are compatible with both Apple (iOS) and Android phones.  Both also have a  rechargeable option and features that help with tinnitus.

The Livio Edge AI is available in a variety of wearing styles including, Behind-The-Ear, Receiver-In-Canal (also available in rechargeable), In-The-Ear (also available in rechargeable) and In-The-Canal (also available in rechargeable).

Features of the Livio Edge AI include: 

  • Integrated Sensors
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Superior Sound Quality
  • Rechargeability
  • Streaming Capabilities
  • Remote Control
  • Auto On/Off
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