Investing in Your Health: Treating Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is one of the most common conditions affecting adults and affects about 1 in 3 older adults. An estimated 30 million to 48 million Americans have hearing loss that significantly diminishes the quality of their lives — academically, professionally, medically and socially. One person in three, older than 60 years of age, has quality of life-diminishing hearing loss, … Read More

Celebrate World Hearing Day on March 3 with a Hearing Test!

Have you been struggling to hear? Do you feel like people around you are mumbling, or that the TV is always too quiet? Nearly 40 million Americans have hearing loss, and that number continues to rise as the Baby Boomers age. In fact, half of all seniors over the age of 75 have hearing loss. If you’ve been noticing that … Read More

Things People with Hearing Loss Wish You Knew

Do you have hearing loss? Sometimes explaining your hearing loss to others is more frustrating than the hearing loss itself. People don’t understand that speech is difficult to follow, or that loud noises seem especially loud. You get tired more quickly than your friends, and all the effort straining to hear leaves you feeling completely drained by the evening. Hearing … Read More

Talking about Hearing Loss: Why Your Disclosure Method Matters

If you have hearing loss, it is important to discuss your experience with your friends and family. Think you can keep your hearing loss to yourself, struggle in silence, and avoid dealing with the issue head on? Sadly, the longer you put off talking about your hearing loss, the worse your health outcomes will be, and your relationships will suffer. … Read More

Tips for Traveling with Hearing Aids

Travel is an important aspect of our lives. Whether for business or vacation, traveling can be as stressful as it is enjoyable. And for more than 35 million people in the U.S. with hearing loss, travel can be especially difficult. Just because you may have hearing loss doesn’t mean you can’t lead the life you love and go on that … Read More

Tips for Driving with Hearing Aids

Understanding traffic laws and road signs is just the beginning of driving safety. As we grow older, we often realize that certain aspects of drive safely become increasingly challenging. One of the largest threats of operating a motor vehicle safely is driving with hearing loss. Driving with Hearing Loss If you do notice a change in your hearing, it can … Read More

Add an Annual Hearing Test to your New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! Perhaps you have resolutions to spend more time outside, to laugh more with your friends, or to get involved in a volunteer program to donate some of your skills and time. Whatever your resolutions may be, please consider this an excellent time to check up on your own health and wellbeing, which includes your hearing. Hearing Loss … Read More

Occupational Hearing Hazards

According to a new Pew Research Center analysis of employment data from the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, US adults are working later into their 60s than ever before. In May 2016, “18.8% of Americans ages 65 and older, or nearly 9 million people, reported being employed full- or part-time.” Furthermore, researchers pointed to a steady increase from the year … Read More

Tips for Adjusting to New Hearing Aids

For those who need hearing aids, the first time using them can be a shock! Often one may not realize it has gotten so difficult to hear everyday sounds. The ability to hear gradually slips away and the brain grows used to the absence of sounds. The longer someone waits to get hearing aids the more of an adjustment it … Read More

Great Things to Hear This Holiday Season in Los Angeles, CA

Season’s Greetings from Glendora Hearing! We love the holiday season in Los Angeles, where the we can enjoy the sparkle of winter cheer and celebration without having to shovel snow or chip away at ice. The holidays are also a great time to catch live music and entertainment that reflects the spirit of the season. If you are in Los … Read More